As a multi-faceted creative, my passion is to bring creative visions to life, whether it’s on the stage as an actor or with brands and organisations as a project manager.


I provide strategic, creative and operational support in high-pressure projects with the goal to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions.

Agile all-rounder experienced in project management brings the calm to extreme chaos and ensures that those boxes get ticked, no matter what!

Andrea van Greunen, founder of Simply Get It Done


My diverse portfolio includes extensive theatre work, commercials, TV productions, short films, radio dramas, voice dubbing, and voiceovers.

..she’s fearless and shows no hesitation throwing herself into something that’s challenging

Louis Viljoen, acclaimed South African writer and director

More about me:

In the last decade, I’ve diversified my craft and dedicated my attention to bridging the gap between creative vision and practical output.

I take on project-based work that allows me to move freely from one workstream to another, be it acting or project management. This has afforded me broad exposure as to how different teams work, businesses operate and leaders think.

At first glance, it might seem like radically different directions, but they actually flowed into one another quite naturally. As a young professional, I developed a great part of my skillset in my work as an event manager. Being a trained actor and an event manager is surprisingly similar; both are a kind of stage performance. The guests/audience arrive, take their seats in the venue/theatre and they bear witness to a happening/performance. In essence, it revolves around a shared experience of a group of people, much like theatre.

But what would a performance or an event be without the behind-the-scenes organisation and operations? Enter project management, my third workstream.

On any given day, you might find me building budgets at the crack of dawn, before heading into a full day of rehearsals or to the film set, meeting a client for a late afternoon strategy session, working in a quick run before sunset and answering emails over a good glass of wine by night – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!